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I Will Betroth You with Justice under the Law  -  וארשתיך לי בצדק ובמשפט

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Agunah International Inc.
The Rabbi Emanuel Rackman
Agunah International Beit Din LInyenei Agunot


     Read Article:     Freeing Agunot: A Legacy of Rabbi Gedalya Dov Schwartz, z"tl

     Our Mission:

     To free women trapped in dead marriages by recalcitrant husbands who refuse to grant a Get

      To promote a systemic halachic solution to free agunot. Rabbinical courts must be encouraged to assert their halachic authority to dissolve dead marriages by applying the halachic concepts of kiddushei tau, hafkaat kiddushin, and umdenah

     To alert the Jewish community as to the severity and magnitude of the agunah problem.

     To educate the Jewish community about Halachic precedents and remedies for freeing agunot.

     To counsel women whose husbands use the Get as a weapon to extort financial gain or custodial rights, or to exact revenge during the divorce process. 

     To provide financial aid for agunot in need.

What we can do for you:

     We can counsel you how to navigate the beit din system in pursuit of the Get.

     We can alert you to the risks inherent in seeking a Get in the beit din system.

     You are not alone. We can put you in touch with former agunot.

Who We Are :

     We are an all-volunteer organization.

     Our services are free of charge.

     Contact us at 212-249-4523 or Send us email.

     Agunah International Inc. is a tax exempt, non-profit 501-(c) (3) organization.  Your tax-deductible contributions are needed.  They enable us to pursue our goals of helping women rebuild their lives and promoting support for Halachic solutions to the agunah problem


      Dr. Susan Aranoff
Estelle Freilich
Rachell Maidenbaum Gober
Honey Rackman z"l - Founder

About our Beit Din:

The Rabbi Emanuel Rackman/Agunah International Beit Din LInyenei Agunot adjudicated cases from 1997 to 2006. When other rabbinical courts failed to assert their halachic authority to free these women (agunot), our Beit Din invoked the halachic concepts of kiddushei taut, hafkaat kiddushin, and umdenah to dissolve the marriage.



Rabbi Emanuel Rackman  
Rabbi Eugene Cohen 
Rabbi Asher Murciano 
Rabbi Haim Toledano

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